Performance is all about you! This idea is the DNA of our business, its beating heart. It’s the promise we make, and even more the description of the unique way in which we approach the human challenges of professional and private life. Every time, the human being is at the centre; every time, the human being is the origin; every time, the human being is the strength; every time, the human being is the key to success, a success that lasts and that breathes its virtuous energy all around.

Passionate about Human Richness
Whatever the situation we have to deal with, whatever the challenge we have to take up, we avoid the pitfall of trying to apply ready-made solutions that ignore what is unique, what vibrates, what lives and makes sense. Our excellence lies in bringing the individual or group closer to what they are at heart and to what, with strength and conviction, will set them in motion on the road to fulfilment and success.

Passionate about Human Resources and pioneers in French-speaking Switzerland in the application of positive psychology to workplace issues, we are constantly pursuing our research and training in order to remain at the cutting edge of our profession. In our work with both companies and individuals, we apply an original and innovative methodology based on social cohesion, balance, meaning and fulfilment. A methodology in phase with the evolution of our society – or rather, with its needs for evolution.

Towards a qualitative and value-producing evolution
Performance is you! Let’s get together to discuss it, to understand your needs or those of your team, and to devise the best way of supporting you in your qualitative, value-producing development.


idéo. is a consulting, training and coaching company, founded in 2008.

At idéo. “HR” means “Human Richness”. We bring them to light and help them to flourish so that individuals can function at their best. We are recognised as experts in the fields in which we work.

We work on motivation, commitment, positive communication, resilience, stress reduction, positive management, mindfulness and HR process optimisation.

Our team love what they do and will be delighted to talk about your needs, discuss achievable strategies and work together to find solutions tailored to your context.



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Founder of ideo human capital in 2008, initial training as a lawyer and attorney, followed by a career as a director in the fields of human resources, management and personal development. Work experience in companies such as AXA, Credit Suisse and Capital International.

Holder of a master’s degree in applied positive psychology (Anglia Ruskin, Cambridge), a coaching diploma in positive psychology (Positran), another in appreciative inquiry (French institute of appreciative inquiry and Weatherhead School of Management at Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland), certified in lego serious play animation and Reiss profile, synergologist (body language decoding).

Expertise: positive psychology, positive management, intervention on individual commitment, conducting processes according to appreciative inquiry, work on the balance of teams and on individual motivation, management training, organisational analysis and strategic advice, executive coaching, outplacement, recruitment, assessment, team cohesion and team management, conflict management, decoding of non-verbal language.

Languages: French – English

Brown University qualified Mindfulness Instructor in the MBSR (Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction) program. Specialist in Positive Communication©. Certified expert coach in Positive Psychology. Trainer in Positive Communication with the tools of NonViolent Communication. Several years of continuous training with A-CERTIF, CNV supervision in French-speaking countries. Certified in the Lego serious play© method in positive psychology Certified in the Reiss© motivational profile. Professional actress for more than 30 years (Marseille Conservatory), author, performer, director, theater teacher, founder of theater schools, radio columnist, specialist of forum theater in companies and role-playing.

Public Speaking Trainer, Catherine Gillet© method

Expertise: training in positive communication, mediation and conflict management, MBSR cycle instruction, team building, the art of communication, public speaking, sense of repartee, role-playing, writing tailor-made scenarios for companies, humor in relationships, decoding body language, coaching, positive psychology, specialist in the Reiss Motivation Profile®.

His site as a mindfulness meditation instructor: Presence

Her actress website:

Languages: French – Spanish


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Tania Emery

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After several years devoted to event management, then to teaching in schools with teenagers in difficulty, Tania Emery branched off into the world of images.

A passionate photographer, Tania Emery has a large number of fields of predilection. From architecture to macro photography, passing through landscape photography, it is finally the link to others that pushes her to specialize in portraiture.

It is by discovering the suffering of the people she captures and their bad self-image that Tania Emery decides to create a photo-coaching course which allows her models not only to discover beautiful pictures of themselves, but also to work in depth on their self esteem, their confidence and their belief system related to their image, and finally, very often, to start to love themselves.

Convinced that photography is a tool, just like any other, and that it can improve the way we look at ourselves, Tania Emery is currently developing her photo-coaching projects with people suffering from illnesses, or following accidents, to help them cope with the aftermath that the body may have suffered.

Expertise : photography, photo-coaching, pedagogy, emotional intelligence, training and didactic, adolescence.

Jean Weidmann holds a PhD in Human Resources Management from the Ecole des HEC, University of Lausanne. He has more than 20 years of experience in HRM with private and public organisations at national and international level. He has worked as HR Manager, Recruitment Manager, Staff Performance and Training Manager at Orange Communications and several UN agencies (UNESCO, FAO, ILO, UNIDO, WHO-Global Fund). Jean has worked in Austria, Canada, France, Italy, Switzerland and Thailand. He has also worked as a consultant for HR implementation, recruitment and staff performance management for several International Organisations and NGOs.

Since 2012, Jean has been working as a professor in HRM. He teaches and has conducted corporate research on new HR trends, in particular holacracy, sociocracy, liberated organisations and their effect on staff, autonomy at work, digitalisation and collective performance. Jean has completed several corporate mandates, and has created and managed a summer school in Brazil to discuss current challenges in HRM.

Expertise: development of autonomy at work and collective performance, HR strategy, recruitment and assessment, skills reviews, job search assistance, development and implementation of corporate training courses, HR audit, coaching. Numerous publications and conferences, notably on collective performance and power sharing within organisations.

Languages: French – English



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Philip is specialised in Coaching and Assessment.

He has a British origin and his career path as a consultant in customer experience management and strategic consulting, as a lecturer in operational management and risk management then as a consultant and coach in management and career development (Outplacement), enables him to understand the needs of both individuals and companies. He is a graduate of the Institut de Coaching (IDC), a certified trainer (FSEA) and holds a Master in Management (MScBA). He is also a certified Nova profil and Reiss analyst.

Languages: French – English

Contract assistance

The Assistance Contract that meets your HR needs, CAIDEO. idéo. becomes your preferred partner and allows you to manage your HR issues with the same person of contact, guaranteeing you consistency in your business in areas as recurrent as they are important:

The formulas

CAIDEO® , HR  Contracts of Assistance  IDEO

  • Inspiration : 6 days per year, equal to 48h at a price of CHF 2 200.–/day or CHF 275.–/h
  • Discovery : 12 days per year, equal to 96h at a price of CHF 1 920.–/day or CHF 240.–/h
  • Efficiency : 18 days per year, equal to 144h at a price of CHF 1 680.–/day or CHF 210.–/h
  • Optimisation : 24 days per year or more, equal to 192h at a price of CHF 1 504.–/day or CHF 188.–/h

We have the contract adapted to your company and your needs