Influenced by modern managerial theories, including those derived from positive organisational psychology (POP), our services focus on the personal and relational aspects of management. We offer training, interventions or coaching related to positive relationships, trust, motivation, meaning, commitment, individual responsibility and autonomy, essential drivers for both individual and collective performance.

Positive leadership involves the implementation of multiple positive practices, which help individuals and organisations to reach their highest potential, to blossom at work, to experience renewed energy allowing levels of efficiency difficult to achieve otherwise.

Strategies related to this include creating a positive climate, positive relationships, positive communication and positive meaning. Although we focus on the above, we constantly seek to maintain a balance between the relational aspects of management and the more operational ones.

We have developed a managerial model “the slalom of success” demonstrating the importance of taking successive steps to achieve business success:


We offer :

  • Modular managerial training processes according to the needs and concepts defined on demand
  • Accompanying change with the appreciate inquiry
  • Training on resilience and optimism work
  • Team building
  • Organizational audits in human resources
  • Coaching of executives and directors