Summary: To collectively find equitable, adapted, discussed, and sustainable solutions.

While technological evolutions are ignoring the emotional and human factor, our companies are facing a major challenge: that of communication between people and the development of their relational abilities.  Mediation, with its humanistic approach, has become a modern and efficient tool for the prevention of psychosocial risks because it ré́- humanises interactions and constitutes an alternative solution for conflict solving. It prevents them and transforms them in order to get out of power relationships. 

Conduct of a mediation:

Individual interview

First of all, the mediator meets the protagonists in an individual interview in order to explain what mediation is, what it responds to and what they can expect from it. It prepares for the “meeting of the other”, and for the expression of disagreement. These interviews also allow the mediator, whose responsibility it is, to ensure that everyone is able to participate in the process.

The mediation session

The framework of the mediation is defined with the persons participating in it, in particular the principles of confidentiality, neutrality, impartiality and independence of the mediator. Unless the parties have agreed together, the mandatary will not have an update on what happens during the mediation.

These principles are clearly outlined to the mandatary. They guarantee the necessary security for the implementation of the mediation process. They must be freely agreed by everyone on the basis of the voluntary commitment of the participants in the process.

When not to undertake mediation

There are situations where mediation comes too late, often because the conflict has escalated, causing collateral damage in other departments.

In this context, a mediation may not be appropriate. We will be able to advise you to get out of the negative spiral and find solutions adapted to the context (Management; team cohesion).

When not to undertake mediation

When legal proceedings are already underway