Performance is all about you! This idea is the DNA of our business, its beating heart. It’s the promise we make, and even more the description of the unique way in which we approach the human challenges of professional and private life. Every time, the human being is at the centre; every time, the human being is the origin; every time, the human being is the strength; every time, the human being is the key to success, a success that lasts and that breathes its virtuous energy all around.

“Our excellence lies in bringing the individual or group closer to who they deeply are and what, with strength and conviction, will set them in motion on the path to fulfillment and success.”


To support you and guide you towards performance, we suggest you use ADN IDÉO, the methodology we have developed. The fruit of our experience and research, this methodology is based on a virtuous and continuous dynamic of 4 key stages designed to reconnect the individual or group with itself, to guide it towards action and to lead it towards meaningful and lasting success.

“The spiral is the motif that represents us. It evokes the gyroscopic force as much as the DNA chain, infinite movement as much as a virtuous circle. That’s what we do: set the individual or group in motion for the long term, in a context of forces and meaning whose origin is within themselves.”


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The book

Working another way with positiv psychology

Commitment, well-being and social cohesion: the keys to business success.

Over the last twenty years, positive psychology, as the science of how people function optimally, has demonstrated its immense power in our personal lives. Applied to the world of work, it has strongly influenced numerous organisational models, from holacracy to the liberated company, via sociocracy, opal organisation, agile management and collective intelligence.

Based on the latest scientific discoveries, personal accounts and practical exercises, this guide offers you a synthesis of what this extraordinary discipline has to offer, so that you can invent an innovative HR strategy based on autonomy, social cohesion and meaning!


About the autor

Philippe Georgy

After a career as a director in the fields of human resources, management and personal development, Philippe Georgy, founder of idéo., has been working with managers and individuals since 2008, training them in positive psychology. With a Master’s degree in positive psychology, he has made this science the foundation of his work, which aims to help individuals flourish in the workplace and improve corporate management.